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LOS ANGELES (January 26, 2008)—Somis Sound and LILACREATIVE INC. are proud to present the
release of Silence, the debut album of solo artist and renowned photographer Deborah Anderson. A
limited digital release begins Tuesday, February 10, 2009 on outlets including iTunes, Rhapsody,
Napster, Amazon and eMusic, among others. Albums purchased on iTunes will be accompanied by a
digital booklet filled with sensual black and white images that Anderson shot for her new limited edition
coffee table book, Paperthin (Verlhac), a collection of fine art photography inspired by living in Paris.
The official album CD release is Tuesday, May 12, 2009, and a limited number of CDs will be packaged
with the book to be sold at select retailers nationwide.

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Art, fashion and music collide in Silence, which features ten songs that cross from the Electronic genre
into Pop and Avante-garde. As a multimedia artist, lyrics from Anderson’s Silence grace her book’s
photographic images of nude and semi-clothed subjects in 1930s settings, including actresses Tilda
Swinton, Minnie Driver, Natasha Henstridge and Stacey Dash; recording artists Fergie and P!nk; as
well as models/entrepreneurs Jemma and Jodie Kidd, Tatjana Patitz and Sophie Dahl, to name a few.
Anderson also shot P!nk’s album cover and art for Funhouse (2008).

Anderson’s first single track off Silence, “Paperthin,” a powerful acoustic female vocalist piece, was
featured as one of 17 songs—alongside the latest tracks from Bruce Springsteen and Jennifer
Hudson—on Radio Express’ January 16, 2009, weekly Pop CD compilation, distributed to radio station
program managers across the globe.

The coming months mark multiple milestones for this multimedia Artist, crossing into both the music and
publishing worlds: this first solo album project and her first coffee table book will be exclusively featured
in the famed New York City- and South Beach-based Gansevoort Hotels.

Anderson was first signed to Island Records U.K. for a one-off drum and bass single (“Feel the
Sunshine”) that climbed the ladder to the top of the European dance charts in 1998, which led her to
signing with independent label Mowax (“Lonely Without You”). Anderson has collaborated as
singer/songwriter with many talents over the years, including such artists as Kruder & Dorfmeister, DJ
Shadow and Zero 7. She was most recently featured on Angel Music, the latest offering from the
Grammy Award®-nominated electronica band Telepopmusik.

With the versatility and ease of Apple's GarageBand program, Anderson started to write Silence in
2005, at night in the quiet of her guesthouse. Over two years, she recorded 10 tracks featuring
orchestral instruments, percussion, beats, piano, guitar and vocals—using the samples on Garageband.
Additional bass lines, production, and mixing were contributed by producer Erik "E-Rok" Richards
(Beck, Peter DiStefano, DjmeDjyou).

All songs are written and performed by Anderson, except for lyrics by Espion Rouge for “Breathe,”
lyrics by Bob White for “Unlit Candle” and lyrics by TIPPER for “Sine Waves,” featuring additional
chorus lyrics by Anderson.

Silence will be in a limited digital release, starting February 10, 2009, and the official worldwide release
of the album CD—also to be sold packaged with the book, Paperthin—is May 12, 2009.

The “Paperthin” music video will also debut tonight at a private event, hosted by Minotti in Los Angeles.

You can watch it here as well.


"Paperthin" digi booklet. Each purchase of the album on iTunes comes with a digibooklet featuring Deborah Anderson's sensual fine art photography.
As a multimedia artist, lyrics from Anderson’s Silence grace the book’s photographic images of nude or semi-clothed subjects in 1930s settings, including Minnie Driver, Fergie, P!nk, Natasha Henstridge and Tilda Swinton. A digibooklet with selected phtos is available with the purchase of the album from Itunes.

More about Deborah
The photographic art of Deborah Anderson—"a photographer whose distinctive sensuality is located
somewhere between classic French erotica and Helmut Newton" (Los Angeles Times)—adorns the
walls of such notables as Sir Elton John, Kid Rock and jewelry designer Loree Rodkin. The famed
Gansevoort Hotel group in New York and Miami, where her art also appears throughout the property, will
showcase her debut solo album "Silence" (Somis Sound) and her new sensual book Paperthin
(Verlhac) as the in-room featured coffee table book. As art director for the two hotels, she is also
currently working on the new Gansevoort Park Hotel project (due to open 2010) in Manhattan. Her
book release, in March 2009, is Room 23 (daab), produced by Diana Jenkins. This “year in the life of a
hotel room” features 100 celebrities—such as James Blunt, George Clooney, Cindy Crawford, Sir
Elton John, Kid Rock, Lindsay Lohan, Donald Sutherland and Jerry Weintraub—raising funds and
awareness for the Sanela Diana Jenkins International Justice Clinic at the UCLA Law School
Human Rights Center.
The first of three children, Deborah Anderson was born in London in the early 70s to Jennifer and Jon
Anderson, legendary rock vocalist of the band YES. This multimedia artist followed in her father’s
footsteps, performing with such artists as Kruder & Dorfmeister, Zero 7, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Alex
Reece, Tipper, Le Tone and Telepopmusik. Currently in a limited digital release, the official CD
release of her first solo album, “Silence,” is May 12, 2009. Following her mother’s passion for
photography, Anderson taught herself the art of taking pictures while her music took her to various cities
around the world. Her photography has graced the pages and covers of many magazines—from GQ,
ELLE and Cosmopolitan, to Playboy, L.A. Confidential and Architectural Digest. She also had a
brief encounter working in the fashion world as a vintage clothing designer. To house her creative
endeavors, Anderson founded LILACREATIVE INC. in February 2009. To see samples of Anderson’s
photography, please visit:

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