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E-rok and Pete

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Rock Duo

One of the most sought after guitarists in rock hooks up with E-Rok, and you get an explosive combination!

Guitarist, Peter DiStefano most notably of Porno for Pyros, has teamed up with Ventura musician, producer, Erik “E-Rok” Richards. They recently finished their follow up to their debut, called E-Rok and Pete "2". The 10 song album was released to iTunes and other stores in November 2008. Recently they have written music for the surf film "Live", directed by Dave Parsa. They wrote a 7 minute+ piece for the "Ghost Tree" section, sonicly feeling the 40+ foot waves. They also have written a piece for the feature film "Break", due 2009. Previously, E-Rok and Pete recorded a collection of 11 songs, and the self titled album was released to iTunes and over 30 other digital music services worldwide, in Fall 2005. E-Rok and Pete have toured in support of both releases. Previewing some of their new songs in such places as The Temecula Film Festival, The Roxy and The Viper Room in L.A., with stops in Colorado, and Detroit, playing with bands such as Banyan, and Foghat.

From 2005 to present, they have showcased both albums live and deliver an explosive sound and energy that is E-Rok and Pete.The sound they create together is part punk, alternative, and art rock. It could easily be in the forefront of modern rock formats such as K-ROQ, MTV, VH1, and College Radio. Their music creates a familiar, yet unknown quality that has also been well received. Sonicly, the songs bring you to a very visual place. The music was all written and recorded after E-Rok and Pete had been surfing all over Ventura County, California. They would return to the studio, just 15 minutes away. After each surf session they would start writing and recording. You can hear the inspiration in each song, such as “Good Ride”, “Worked”, "Understand Me", Sunlight in the Rain", and “Red Tide”.

Pete has collaborated with Scott Wieland from STP/ Velvet Revolver, Tricky, and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers as well as touring twice with Peter Murphy and performing on the Seattle leg of Lollapalooza 2003, and currently the Chicago Lollapalooza's. Peter has contributed to several TV and movie soundtracks including Shrek, Phone Booth, Spy Game, Jimmy Neutron, and a 20-minute BMW short film titled Beat the Devil starring Gary Oldman and James Brown.

E-Rok did a remix for Beck on the song, “Mixed Bizness” from the Midnight Vultures album with DjmeDjyou, and recently collaborated on a song called “Funky Lil’ Song” for a Cure Autism Now benefit album called Dimension Mix. Recently he finished producing a new album for Deborah Anderson, daughter of the legendary singer of the band Yes, Jon Anderson. He also performed and wrote for DjmeDJyou on all three of their releases. E-Rok performed and wrote on the Soul Ecstacy Soundtrack, and did the music for Carrot Top’s “Live in Las Vegas” movie. He continues to write, record, and produce with Somis Sound’s catalogue of artists and others, and develop his indie label at E-Rok and Pete's combined talents have proven to be an interesting collaboration. They look forward to deliver their music to the world both live, and in these collection of songs. They are currently working on E-Rok and Pete 3, and playing selected shows.