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Pat Salisbury

Pat Salisbury Band's sophomore release "Wednesday Morning Heartache" was digitally released January 19 to iTunes, Rhapsody, and other digital stores.

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Pat Salisbury is larger than life. Both his stature, and his music. At six feet three inches tall, with a beard that looks like he's been growing his whole life; He looks like someone you might be afraid of, if you didn't know how gentle his spirit is. Pat grew up in Ventura County California, on his mother's famous cooking and his dad's extensive record collection. Music has been a big part of his life since as far back as he can remember. Pat's dad introduced him to the likes of country/bluegrass, the Beatles, Tom Petty and Elvis Costello, at an age when most kids are still watching Sesame Street. "As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to play guitar and be in a rock and roll band."            

Pat started his first band, Bad Judgement, when he was in Junior High. Pat continued the band throughout and past High School. The band, which started out playing punk music, re-evolved itself many times, eventually producing an Indie/Classic Rock sound. After seven years, Bad Judgement finally called it quits in 2003. All good things must come to an end, and Bad Judgement was no exception. "Bad Judgement was my equivalent to college." Says Pat. "Most importantly, I learned to live in the moment, and not in the future. Play music for the right reasons, be realistic, and don't just take it for granted.            

During the Bad Judgement years, Pat had written a good amount of material. Songs that he couldn't quite figure out what to do with. After the breakup, Pat became inspired to make a solo record of all of his years worth of songs. He recruited his favorite local musicians to take part in the recording. "It started out just for fun, I felt the need to do something creative." Pat picked out his 12 favorite songs which eventually became the album "Moonlit Trip" (Ambitunition Ent.) Pat compares the album to George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass."            

"Moonlit Trip" evokes many themes. "There's a lot of happiness on the record, there's excitement and a lot of hope." Pat confesses that the songs he writes are totally spontaneous. He has a theory that the songs he writes is a combiniation of the millions of songs he had heard and loved in his lifetime. The sound that comes out is definatley unique, and having an eclectic group of musicians behind him didn't hurt anything either. The album starts the listener out on an adventure with the title track, "Moonlit Trip," in which Pat asks "If I took you on a moonlit trip, far, far away, would you open up your heart to me? Or let all slip away?" The journey continues through the past seven years of pat's life, until finally you wind up back home with the song "Too Much to write" in which pat gently places you upon his windowsill, outside looking in on a man struggling with his dreams.            

Word of Pat's studio album quickly spread throughout the local music community of Ventura County and pat was picked up by Ambitunition Entertainment who offered to press "Moonlit trip," Pat also signed a deal with Somis Sound, a worldwide digital distributor. Local fans wanted to see the album live so Pat got some of the studio musicians to play live with him. Erik (E-Rok) Richards (Peter DiStefano) on Bass, Seth Pettersen( Franklin For Short) on drums, and Eric Moxzygemba (Missing 23 rd ) on Guitar supported "Moonlit Trip" live until 2007.            

With a new lineup with E-Rok on bass, Dave Borla on drums, Pat has set his sights high for the Pat Salisbury Band." I think it's important for keeping things new, and keeping art moving." He is a man of his word and the band is already done with their follow up 10 song album, "Wednesday Morning Heartbreak". Pat's new collection of songs show the development, and new territories explored, of one of Ventura County's great new writers. Look for a summer 2009 Digital release and live shows to follow.