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The Churning is a collaboration with Erik Ryan Richards and Rupert Greenall. Featuring a variety of alternative and art rock. Rupert is a founding and current member of The Fixx, who sold millions of albums worldwide and have 6 Top 40 songs, including One Thing Leads to Another, Saved By Zero, Red Skies, Secret Separation, Are We Ourselves, etc.


E&R are a duo featuring Erik Ryan Richards (Peter DiStefano, Beck, Deborah Anderson, DjmeDjyou, etc.) and Rupert Greenall (The FIXX). Erik has produced and collaborated with various artists for his Somis Sound label, and Rupert is a founding member and songwriter with The FIXX, including 6 Top 40 songs (One Thing Leads To Another, Red Skies, Stand or Fall, Are We Ourselves, Secret Separation, and Driven Out).

They first started writing together in 2010 when Rupert came off a U.S. Tour with The FIXX. For the next 5 years E&R would develop music together after each FIXX tour in California at Somis Sound, before Rupert would head back to his home in the UK. By the end of 2015 they had 20+ songs to choose from to from their collective works.

E&R features Erik Ryan Richards on vocals, guitars, and basses. Rupert Greenall is featured on synthesizers and keyboards.