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Trombone Cake

Trombone recently completed their first full length album. With Tyler Sherman currently mastering the new work, Look for it out soon digitally.

Trombone Cake tracks are cut live most often with little, if any rehearsal. In the studio (after brief conversations about riffs, arrangements and some technical blither-blather) Mike Stone, Eric Richards, Erin McBride and Jeremy Lightfoot plug in, find the groove and lay down their boogie-muscle with a fury and force equal to that of a man-sized plate of mexican food.

Free form verbal riffs are shipped from Los Angeles, typically written with the author (GDC) never hearing a single note of the music prior... creating a unique, yet eerily seemless, lyrical dynamic.

Other tones both strange and exotic are overdubbed by auxiliary musicians Danny Frankel, Lori Goldston, Ted Quinn and Ralph Carney.

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Eric Richards
Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synths

Mike Stone
Drums, Keys, Vocals

Jeremy Lightfoot
Bass, Vocals

Erin McBride
Keyboards, Vocals

Danny Frankel

Lori Goldston

Ralph Carney
Mini-Horn Section

Ted Quinn